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AKC Agility Invitational Finals Results

Updated: Dec 22, 2023

12/17/2023 Orlando, FL

  1. Katie - owned by John Cassiday - received breed medallions for highest scoring kees - 400 pts

  2. Spirit - owned and handled by Stacy Alexander - 395 pts/153.489 seconds

  3. Lyra - owned and handled by Jean Munger - 395 pts/176.156 seconds

  4. Canon - owned by John Cassiday - preferred dog - 357 pts

Katie went 5/5 clean runs and won the Top Keeshond Medallion for 2023!

She ended up 19th in the 16" class, competing against over 100 dogs.

Ch Peregrine Live To Tell, aka Spirit, had 3 clean runs at his first agility Invitational!

If you have win photos or ringside candids you would like to share of this event, or any corrections, please email them to


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great agility videos! Hopefully you will post a couple from Spirit/Stacey??

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