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Futurity and Maturity Winners,
Nomination Information & Form

Futurity and Maturity Winners (1965-2023)

Annual Futurity Stakes Frequently Asked Questions

The Futurity Stakes is sponsored by Keeshond Club of America for litters bred by its members.
The National chairman is Tracee Buethner.

  • Question: What is Futurity?
    • Answer:  It is an annual event offered to members of the Keeshond Club of America and officially recognized, licensed Keeshond clubs in the U.S. Members nominate litters before birth gambling that their puppies will be the better than all other puppies born in the Futurity year.

  • Question: Isn't it the same as a sweepstakes?
    • Answer:  No. A sweepstakes is for any dog eligible to compete on the day of the show. There's no prior nomination required. A sweepstakes covers a time period counting from the show date. A Futurity covers the same time period each year even if the date of competition changes. If a puppy is too old on the day of the Sweepstakes to compete in the class, it cannot be entered. But in a Futurity, the puppy may be more than 18 months old on Futurity day and still be able to compete if it was born during the Futurity year.

  • Question: What time period does Futurity cover?
    • Answer:The Futurity always covers puppies born between October 15 of one year and October 14 of the next year. Puppies born during that Futurity year are eligible to compete in the Futurity held the following May. For example, a litter born on October 20, 2000 falls in the 2002 Futurity year (October 15, 2000 through October 14, 2001. That litter can compete in the May 2002 Futurity.  Puppies may be more than 18 months old on the date of competition. But, they are still eligible to compete if their litter was nominated and born during the Futurity year.

  • Question: What is Maturity?
    • Answer:  Dogs who were entered in the prior year's Futurity are eligible to compete in the current year's Maturity. It gives all of us a chance to see how a promising puppy looks as a mature adult. No dog competing in the Maturity will be less than 1 1/2 years old. A dog entered in the Futurity and published in the National Futurity catalog, even if it doesn't actually compete, is eligible for the Maturity. For example, a dog listed in the May 2002 Futurity catalog is eligible for the 2003 Maturity.

  • Question: How do I nominate a litter?
    • Answer:  You must obtain an official form. You can get one from the Futurity Chairman. You can e-mail your address. Futurity matters are handled once a week or so. Give yourself plenty of time for the US Post office to work.  The futurity form can be viewed and downloaded here: Futurity Nomination Form.

  • Question: What classes are offered?
    • Answer:  The Futurity does not divide classes by age the same way a regular AKC show or sweepstakes does. The classes are divided as follows and do not depend on the dog's age on the date of the show. Instead they depend upon the date of birth as it falls during the Futurity year.

      • PUPPY class for litters whelped between July 15 and October 14.

      • JUNIOR class for litters whelped between April 15 and July 14.  

      • INTERMEDIATE class for litters whelped between January 15 and April 14.

      • SENIOR class for litters whelped between October 15 and January 14.

      • MATURITY class is for all puppies entered in competition the prior Futurity year.

      • MATURITY classes are divided into two classes - those over 2 years old and those under 2 years old.

        • ALL Classes are divided by sex.

  • Question: How are judges selected?
    • Answer:  By vote of the KCA members. Potential candidates include Legacy Award recipients and the breeders of best of breed, best opposite, winners dog, winners bitch, or class placings in the bred by exhibitor classes at the National the year before the Futurity will be held. For example, the possible judges for 2016 include the the Legacy Award recipients and the breeders of the winners of the 2015 National.
      No person who judged the futurity within the past 5 years is eligible.

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