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1. Awards are based on the results of shows from January 1 through December 31 of each year.

2. Each owner and co-owner, regardless of family relationship, MUST be a member of KCA to be eligible for any KCA Annual award or medal. Only wins made after the member is eligible, ie, becomes a member of KCA, count toward any award.


3. Eligibility for awards starts January 1 after receipt of a complete membership application (including two Sponsor Forms) (ie, a person applying October 1989 would be eligible for awards starting January 1, 1990. However, a person applying on January 1, 1990 would not be eligible until January 1, 1991). The only time that the application date would not be the reference date is if the application is incomplete.


4. Dogs co-owned by a KCA member and an individual under 18 years of age who is not a member of KCA are eligible to receive KCA Annual awards and medals. The individual under 18 years of age need not be a member of the immediate family of the KCA member. However, it is the responsibility of the KCA member to make known such co-ownership by notifying the designated award chairman.


5. All awards are announced and presented at the Awards Dinner following the National Specialty Show. No award or designation is official until announced and presented by the Parent Club at that time and no one may publicly use the designation prior to that time. 


The Award fund to which a member may contribute when dues are paid purchases awards for KCA. Members may also contribute to the award/trophy fund at any time during the year. Trophies for member Club Specialties (Best of Breed) are also purchased from this fund, as are KCA Awards for Best of Breed, Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Breed, and High in Trial for the National Specialty.

KCA Medals of Achievement

1. A medal of achievement is sent automatically for member-owned U.S. Champions, obedience title winners, agility title winners, and tracking title winners. Members need not apply as results are taken from the AKC Gazette.


2. All owners must be KCA members. Medals are mailed to both owner and co-owner. 

KCA Awards


Top Winning Member-Owned Show Dog - Based on Phillips System of points for Group wins and placements. Best in Shows and Specialties - BOB and BOS, compiled by the Top Show Dog and Show Bitch KCA Statistician (See Committee Descriptions) from AKC reports from January 1 through December 31 of each year. Points are awarded on the total number of dogs defeated.

Top Winning Member-Owned Show Bitch - Same as for Top Winning Member Owned Show Dog.

Member-Owned Top Keeshond - Based on total number of Keeshonden defeated. Group placements have NO bearing on this award.

Member-Owned Top Keeshond of Opposite Sex - Same system as for Top Keeshond.

Highest Ranking Member-Owned Keeshond in Obedience - Winner determined by The Blanche Saunders point system based on placing in class and HSIT award.

Highest Ranking Member-Owned Keeshond in Obedience That Is Also A Champion Of Record - Winner determined by The Blanche Saunders point system based on placing in class and HSIT award and must also be a conformation champion.

Highest Ranking Member-Owned Keeshond in Agility - Winner determined by Highest Points then Double Q's.

Highest Ranking Member-Owned Keeshond in Agility That Is Also A Champion Of Record

Best Junior Handler - Awarded to a Junior handler of a Keeshond. One point for each competitor defeated. 

KCA Hall of Fame

Rationale For KCA Hall Of Fame 

1. To provide permanent recognition of the top winning Keeshond in both CONFORMATION, OBEDIENCE, AGILITY, and TRACKING.

2. To provide for an award that would have more lasting value and honor than simply winning Top Show Keeshond of a given year.

3. To develop a system of eligibility that is equitable to both dogs and bitches.

4. To provide eligibility requirements that are sufficiently strict to assure that only the true GREATS of the breed are included; the HOF should not include a Keeshond that wins one or two Group Is or a High In Trial.

5. The HOF is open to all owners of Keeshonden, not just KCA members. 

KCA Register Of Merit and Register Of Merit Excellent

Rationale For Register Of Merit & Register Of Merit Excellent 

1. To recognize the top 5% (ROM) and top 1% (ROMX) of Keeshond producers.

2. This certificate is open to all Keeshonden whether owned/bred by a KCA member or not.

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