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Life with a Keeshond

Real life experiences and stories 

A few real life stories from people that own (or are owned!) and loved by keeshonden, and want to offer a glimpse of what it’s like spending a life with Kees. 

Erin Kelly and her Kees

“I have lived with Keeshonds for 30 years and they can do anything!” Erin Kelly lives in the Tahoe area in California with her Keeshonds, Wiley (Shoreline’s Silver Streak) and Finney (Shoreline’s Taming the Tiger) where they do everything together including hike, kayak, hydro bike, and kick sled. They also compete and title in rally, agility, barnhunt, trailing and locating, shed hunt, trick dog, Canine Good Citizen, Community and Urban Canine Good Citizen.

Please click here to read Erins full story!


Jenna Tucci and her Kees

Jenna Tucci, her husband Gary, and 2 children Nina and Angelo live in a suburb outside of Cleveland, Ohio. They are an active family so their Keeshonds go on 2 walks per day, play in our fenced-in backyard, and like to play with one another. Their Kees, Luna and Tony, join them at their kids’ various outdoor sporting events. “The dogs love it because they get attention from a LOT of spectators!” 

Please click here to read Jenna's full story!

Jen Rother and her Kees

When work took Jen Rother abroad for a year, she traveled with her pal, Mayhem the Keeshond. They lived in London and traveled around Britain visiting other European destinations as well. Mayhem was an excellent traveling companion equally at home riding the train, in a castle, in the Welsh countryside, by the canals, or walking under Dutch windmills.

Please click here to read Jen's full story!

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