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Keeshond Club of America, Inc. 
Membership Application 

Applicant(s) must be 18 years of age or older or older for regular membership or 10 years of age through 17 years of age for junior membership. Two sponsor’s letters must accompany the application or be received by the Membership Coordinator. Both sponsors must be KCA members, in good standing, neither of the applicant’s family (including in-laws) nor residing in the same household. At least one sponsor should be from the applicant’s geographical area if possible. In such case as the applicant does not know two sponsors, he or she may ask the Board to act as one of the sponsors. One-year dues payment ($20 for individual - $25 for family - $10.00 for junior) must accompany application. If application is for a family membership, then both applicants must sign form. Applications not filled out completely, signed by applicant(s), or accompanied by dues payment will be returned. Sponsors forms must be received by the Membership Coordinator, or accompany application in order for processing to begin. Applications are reviewed by the Membership Coordinator, and the KCA Board at its next meeting, and then published in the KCA Secretary’s Report. Thirty days after the Secretary’s report, the applicant automatically becomes a member if the Board receives no negative comments. This procedure takes considerable time, and the applicant should anticipate some delay before notification and membership packet is received. Membership privileges begin as of date of approval by the Board, however, annual member only Awards and Trophies may not be earned until the year following receipt of the completed application.

Select an option
Do you compete in any of the following?
Are you actively interested in other breeds?
Have you ever been suspended or expelled from or refused membership in KCA, AKC, or any other dog club?

The undersigned hereby applies for membership in the Keeshond Club of America. I (we) agree to be governed by the Rules of AKC and the Bylaws of the Club; to further its objectives therein and to conduct all activities with the Breed in accordance with the Code of Ethics.

To complete your membership application, you will need to provide a link to your two sponsors for their completion, and press the submit button below. The button will send your application to our Membership Application Coordinator, and will direct you to our payment portal where you can pay the New Member Application Fee.


Please provide the following web address to your two sponsors:

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