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Breed Information

Keeshond are handsome, intelligent dogs with a delightful personality. 

Their playful, affectionate nature makes them ideal family pets.

In addition to their beautiful coats, Keeshonden are recognized for their alert, smiling expression and the distinctive "spectacles", which are lightly shaded lines slanting upward from the outer portion of the eye to the lower corner of the ears.

What about Grooming?

Keeshonden have a double coat. This is made of up of soft undercoat separated by coarser guard hairs. About 30 minutes a week with a spray bottle and pin brush will keep your Keeshond looking top notch. Bathing can be done every six weeks to eight weeks. The Keeshond coat does not have a doggy smell and if your dog is kept clean it will be a very pleasant indoor companion. As with all dogs regular nail trimming is recommended.

What about training?

As we have discussed Keeshonden are very intelligent and thus require training as puppies. We recommend a kindergarten puppy training class for all puppies between 9 to twelve weeks of age. These classes teach basic commands, come, sit, stay and down and will also socialize your puppy to behave when in the presence of other dogs. Taking advanced classes will help perfect your dog’s behavior. Left to their own devices Keeshonden can train themselves, but not always in the things that you would prefer! It is best to give them training and guidance from puppyhood.

Who Should Own a Keeshond?

Anyone who does not want a dog as part of the family should not own a Keeshond. Keeshonden will not thrive tied in the back yard or left without companionship day after day. They want and expect to be part of your life, if you work that is okay, they will adjust their schedule to yours and be waiting for your when you come home. ​

How Do I Find A Breeder?

If you want a quality puppy with parents who have been health tested you will need to locate a hobby breeder. These breeders have studied the breed for years and can be your guide to all your questions about raising and training your puppy. You can locate a Keeshond breeder by visiting the breeder directory on this website.

This is a hobby and breeders certainly don’t expect to live off the income from their dogs. However, breeders want to place their puppies in good homes and you should expect professionalism on their part.

Expect to be interviewed, Expect a contract, Expect to receive paperwork, Expect a wait, Expect courtesy and respect. Expect a pedigree and Expect OFA hip numbers on sire and dam when you ask. These can be verified on the OFA website under Keeshond at

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