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2024 Westminster Kennel Club Invitations - Obedience

Updated: Feb 14

Congratulations to the following Kees and their partners for their invites to participate in the Westminster Kennel Club Obedience Trials!

Invitations are based on obedience trial championship points in 2023.

GCH OTCH9 Wyndspell Spring Fling UDX8 OGM RM RAE - Marion Crain

OTCH Traleigh Toulumne Meadows UDX5 PCD OM8 BN GN RI TKP - Lila Dann

OTCH Wyndspell Effervescent UDX OM3 RM RAE2 - Marion Crain

Good luck at the Garden in NY, May 2024 to those who attend!

*Image by Cathi Winkles



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